‘Corona Kumar’ film starring Simbu releases its first rowdy song online


We had advised you in July that Silambarasan TR will star in Corona Kumar, a side project of director Gokul’s effective 2013 film Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumara. The undertaking was dispatched by the group on Saturday evening uninvolved of the IPL.

The film’s creative producer, Cinemawala K Sathish, “It is a side project of Balakumara, yet we are utilizing a couple of characters from that film, as Patti Babu and Painter Rajendran, played by Vinodh Munna and Mottai Rajendran, in this one also. Muruganantham and Madhumita, as well, will repeat their jobs. This one will likewise be a hyperlink story like the first film. There will be four stories running in equal and they will all meet up eventually cleverly.”Corona kumar Simbu

Even though the title is Corona Kumar, the film steers clear of the pandemic or the lockdown, says Sathish. “The film revolves around a hero who is overconfident and has a positive outlook about everything. His love interest is Kumudha, and he will do anything for her. This is one track. There will be three other tracks, and each one will be unique and very funny. There will also be an emotional angle in the end,” he tells.

Discussing how STR came into the image, he says, “After Gokul finished the content, we were pitching it to numerous legends and creation houses. I moved toward Simbu sir and we had conversations for longer than seven days. Then, at that point, he requested to come over for a portrayal. Gokul and I went to his place. Javed Riaz and Siddharth Vipin are the writers of the film and the two of them have created two tunes each. We have completed every one of the four tunes, so during the portrayal, we played them during the circumstance in which they would show up. Simbu partook in the portrayal, which continued for two hours. He was snickering excessively hard to the point that he had tears in his eyes. He adored the person so much and he is extremely amped up for assuming this part. With his entrance, the size of the film has gone to another level.”

The actor will be sporting a new look and speaking the Madras slang in the movie, informs Sathish. “We are arranging another look, something in which he has never been seen. The Tamil slang is Gokul’s strength, and Simbu, as well, hasn’t spoken it in films for a long while. Everybody prefers the lively Simbu of Vaanam. His person in Corona Kumar will be much more agreeable than that,” he adds. The group released a promotion tune, created by Javed Riaz, including the players from the Chennai IPL group and Simbu on Sunday