A great honor for actor Sushant Sing Rajput, the road of his hometown will be named as his name

The news had shaken the hearts of as many people, the suicide of the great actor Sushant Singh Rajput. This is the sort of thing that has saddened colleagues and fans alike. Now the road is named after Sushant after the locals in Parnia, Bihar, where the actor was born.
The video is now going viral on social media. The road from Madhubani to Mata Chowk is named as Sushant Singh Rajput Road and the Ford Company junction is named as Sushant Singh Rajput Chowk.

Sushant’s body was found hanging from an apartment in Mumbai on June 14. According to reports, the actor was addicted to depression. The actor, who is said to be a victim of nepotism in Bollywood, said he was mentally paralyzed.