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Bhavana Stars In A Spine Chilling Horror Movie Directed By Shaji Kailas Watch The Trailer That’s Breaking The Internet

In an unexpected turn of events, actress Bhavana is making a grand return to the silver screen, but not in the way you’d expect. The actress is starring in a horror film directed by none other than Shaji Kailas, and the trailer has just been released to an overwhelmingly positive response. Known for her roles in romantic and drama films, Bhavana is stepping out of her comfort zone to explore the horror genre. The trailer, which was released earlier this week, has already garnered millions of views and is trending across social media platforms.

Shaji Kailas, the acclaimed director known for his action-packed films, is venturing into the horror genre for the first time. The trailer suggests that the movie, titled “Horror Hunt,” promises to be a spine-chilling experience, complete with eerie settings and suspenseful moments.The trailer gives us a glimpse of Bhavana in a never-seen-before avatar, surrounded by dark and haunting visuals. While the plot remains under wraps, the trailer has set high expectations for the movie, which is slated for release later this year.

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