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At The Age Of 20, Kamal Haasan Also Grappled With Thoughts Of Suicide

Actor Kamal Haasan recently spoke at an event in Chennai, addressing the concerning rise in suicide rates among young people due to stress. During the discussion, he candidly shared his own experience of grappling with suicidal thoughts during his early adulthood at the age of 20-21. The trigger for these thoughts was the disappointment he faced for not receiving opportunities in the film industry during the early phase of his career. Haasan emphasized that despite the darkness he once experienced, there is also light to be found in life. He encouraged the students to persevere and work hard, reassuring them that success is achievable. He encouraged dreaming ambitious dreams that illuminate one’s future during challenging times, aligning with the wisdom of Abdul Kalam, who advocated for dreams that awaken us rather than those we only have while sleeping.

Regarding the topic of death, Haasan viewed it as a natural chapter in life that will unfold in its own time. He urged against actively seeking it and emphasized the importance of living one’s life fully. In terms of his work, Haasan discussed his upcoming projects, such as the film ‘Indian 2’ directed by Shankar and his decision to take on a significant role in ‘Kalki 2898 AD’ alongside Prabhas, directed by Nag Ashwin.

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