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Anusithara Say I Don’t Like Kavya Madhavan

Anu Sithara is one of the leading actresses in Malayalam films. The actor has also acted in some Tamil films. In 2013, Anu made her film debut as a child star in the film ‘Potass Bomb’. Anu Sithara is also a great Bharatnatyam dancer. The actor is also famous for his stage shows. Anu’s new movie is ‘Momo in Dubai’. Some of the revelations made by the actress during the promotion of the film are now going viral. The actor responded to the comparison with Kavyamadhavan. Many have commented that Anu Sithara looks like Kavyamadhava and has the same beauty as Kavya. But Anu Sithara says that she does not deserve to say so. Anu said that many people say that he looks like Kavya Madhavan, but when he hears that, he feels like something.

Anu Sithara 69

Anu added that Kavya Chechi is much more beautiful than her and she is an actress who looks beautiful from any angle and the roles she has played are irreplaceable. Anu added that she doesn’t come to Kavya because she knows very well that she is not that much beautiful and then she gets roles as Kavya did, roles with a country girl image and maybe that’s why people compare her with Kavya.


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