Amala Paul opened up, ‘when I realized, I felt naked’!


Amala Paul talks about some of the changes and realizations that have taken place in her life. The actor says that many things he did personally were a setback in his career. Amala opened up in an interview with INS. ‘The truth is that I did not have the art to see life and cinema as two. That was the way things were until 2019. But 2020 is the most important year of my life. After my father’s death, I moved forward very consciously. It was a stage of introspection for me. ‘ ‘When that realization came I felt like I was naked. Like an open book.

Amala paul

My personal life was all out so I had the realization that I had nothing of my own. I felt like my life had been misinterpreted beyond what I could do. In hindsight, I feel bad about this. But I have the realization that I can not control it, that I can move forward in life with the blessings I have gained ‘, says Amala. ‘I also understand that I have a social responsibility. I didn’t know that before. Today I can distinguish between my personal life and my movie life. I am very comfortable after reaching that point ‘, Amala Paul clarified in the interview.