Akhil Akkineni’s trainer reveals the journey of Akhil’s transformation


A youthful and talented entertainer, Akhil Akkineni is taking every step to get into the skin of his personality for the forthcoming film Agent. Akhil will be seen in an activity-packed role and the film will highlight a totally different side of him. ‘You will be in shock seeing him in the film,” uncovers his fitness coach Junaid Shaikh.

“He has been doing a ton of weight training exercises, conditioning workouts. We are making sure that he doesn’t have a firm or very bulky but will be seen in a flamboyance kind of physique in Agent. Mobility, core sessions are an addition to other workouts,” Akhil Akkineni’s coach uncovers about his exercise plan for Agent.

“Akhil is an individual who will pass on say, he is just committed. He will cry yet get it done. Sometimes when his mindset is down, he will proceed to play cricket. Sports truly adjust his mentality,” Junaid Shaikh shares about Akhil’s devotion who is as of now shooting for the film in Vizag.

The creators as of late shared a release date declaration banner and it presents him in a never-seen-before savage symbol, as he seems grasping an assault rifle. He is being referred to as ‘The Wild One’ for his approach to handling things.

Mammootty also assumes a strong part in the film. Beginner Sakshi Vaidya is playing the main woman inverse Akhil in the film charged to be a government agent thrill ride. Vakkantham Vamsi has given the story to the film being created by Ramabrahmam Sunkara under AK Entertainments and Surender 2 Cinema.