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Aami is an upcoming 2018 Malayalam-language Indian biographical film written and directed by Kamal. It is based on the life of writer Kamala Surayya. The film stars Manju Warrier as Surayya, along with Murali Gopy, Tovino Thomas, and Anoop Menon

Kochi Multiplex Collection ReportCollectionGross
First Day Collection 1.86 Lakhs 1.86 Lakhs
2nd Day Collection2.35 Lakhs 4.21 Lakhs
7 Days Collection1.16 Lakhs 12.85 Lakhs
8 Days Collection 1.69 Lakhs 14.54 Lakhs
9 Days Collection 2.30 Lakhs 16.84 Lakhs
Day 11 Collection 0.85 Lakhs 20.24 Lakhs
Day 14 Collection 0.81 Lakhs 22.78 Lakhs
Day 17 Collection 1.13 Lakhs 25.93 Lakhs
Day 18 Collection 0.49 Lakhs 26.42 Lakhs
Day 19 Collection 0.54 Lakhs 26.98 Lakhs
Worldwide Collection report
Kerala Box Office Collection

First Day Collection 1.86 Lakhs 1.86 Lakhs
3nd Day Collection1.97 Crores
5th Day Collection3.05 Crores
10 th Day Collection
Worldwide Collection report

Aami Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Aami Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of AamiKamal
Release date of AamiFebruary 9, 2018
Hero of AamiMurali Gopy
Tovino Thomas
Anoop Menon
Heroine of AamiManju Warrier
ProducerRaphael Thomas Pozholiparambil
M. Jayachandran
Taufiq Qureshi
CinematographyMadhu Neelakandan
Running time163 minutes
Production CompanyReel & Real Cinema
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Aami Malayalam Movie Review

Simply a week ago, acclaimed author Kamala Das’ praised yet questionable journal My Story was remembered by Google with a doodle. My Story was first distributed in Malayalam as Ente Katha on February 1, 1973. National Award-winning chief Kamal has been exceptionally keen in receiving Kamala’s diary for the extra large screen as Aami. He has filtered out imperative sections from My Story and scenes that unfolded past her book for the film.

Kamal has organized the majority of Aami’s (Manju Warrier), as she is affectionately called by her family, high school a very long time in Calcutta at the window of her home that directs a bustling road. It is through that window she watches her first love vanish, India praising autonomy and awful viciousness of parcel.

She develops into a pre-adult fantasizing about the sort of life she needs to live and the sort of men, she needs to impart her life to. It’s the main window where she is allowed to give her musings and dreams to movement to the extent her eyes a chance to can see.

Another essential place in Kamala’s story is the Nalapat house, situated in her local town in Thrissur. It is the place her life changing scenes unfurl. From knowing the level of impact Gandhi uses on her local house, achieving adolescence, being offered to a man who is 20 years more established and the introduction of her children.

The film likewise reveals insight into the life of youthful Kamala otherwise known as Madhavikutty who battles to fit into a school, which is loaded with white children from English families. Her cutlery abilities rouse a nauseated look from her dad at the feasting table. Her dad tries extremely needed to fit into the possibility of high society made by his British neighbors in Calcutta. The parts where characters chat in Bengali, the group of onlookers (who don’t have the foggiest idea about the dialect and can’t read Malayalam subtitles) may feel lost. Particularly, in the scene where Aami’s illustration instructor, her identity in affection with, says farewell to her for good.

Kamal has been exceptionally faithful in attempting to catch feelings that Aami passed on through her words. For instance, Aami’s quickly changing relationship elements with her better half Das, easily played by Murali Gopy. Kamala adores and detests Das, who acquainted sex with her at 15 years old when she was neither prepared physically or physiologically. Das’ treatment of her similarly as a protest of joy amid her high school years and all through her 20s assumed a critical part in molding her impression of men. Notwithstanding being encompassed by her better half and three children, Aami never met a man, who could take away her depression. The ideal men just existed in her creative ability. Her nonexistent companions likewise included Lord Krishna (Tovino Thomas).

Aami’s critical accomplishment will remain her journal My Story that drew out the depression endured by ladies amid her circumstances. Individuals who have perused her journal will know numerous ladies in her family kicked the bucket a desolate demise. Ladies were continuously sidelined once they filled their needs. They lose their esteem once their spouses passed away or their kids and grandchildren needn’t bother with them any longer. While numerous ladies did their chance on earth without saying a word, Aami disturbed existing conditions with her letters. Most men saw her work as licentious, while it inspired an emotional response with ladies.

She was a casualty of male centric society, however she fought constantly against it. Her getting to be noticeably Muslim amid the last a very long time of her life was additionally apparently part of her battle against the framework that downgraded a lady in the wake of going of her better half.

Kamal has completed a splendid activity in picking performing artists for the film. Particularly, his selections of performing artists for playing Aami at various stages is the high point. The youngster on-screen character, Neelanjana, who plays high school Madhavikutty, and Manju Warrier, all have thumped the ball out of the recreation center conveying charming exhibitions, which are absolutely in a state of harmony. It is, surely, noteworthy to watch Manju assume the part of a clashed lady. Her conviction in the execution is the thing that keeps our consideration notwithstanding when portrayal loses steam.

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