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Jayasurya plays a RJ with a remarkable style in Prajesh Sen’s film ‘Meri Awaaz Suno’

While radio station personalities overall are known for their energetic, quick-talking styles, RJ Sankar is unique. Entertainer Jayasurya, who plays him in the impending movie Meri Awaaz Suno, has depicted him as a man with a one-of-a-kind character, says director Prajesh Sen. The film’s first look banner was as of late delivered via online media.

Meri Awaaz Suno
Meri Awaaz Suno star cast look

Prajesh, for whom this is the third cooperation with Jayasurya after Captain and Vellam, reveals to us more about the person RJ Sankar, “He is a quiet individual, and he presents his show as an ordinary discussion, in contrast to the typical perky zippy styles of radio moderators. RJ Sankar is additionally somebody who regularly engages in friendly issues and he is an individual with raised considerations. The person isn’t designed according to a particular RJ, however is designed according to an individual in a story, which I can’t uncover more about at this point.”

Actor Jayasurya

Director Prajesh is somebody who began his profession as a relaxed correspondent on All India Radio (AIR). “My granddad was a military man and a major devotee of radio projects. I grew up paying attention to shifted shows, as opposed to observing any. I was incredibly excited when I landed my first position on the radio, that I could be inside ‘the crate’ that spoke. Indeed, even presently, I would say every one of my films has a radio impact.”

Manju Warrier Image
Manju Warrier Image

The director has not disclosed the characters of Manju Warrier and Sshivada, who are likewise projected insignificant jobs in the story. The film’s shoot has effectively wrapped up.

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