Do You Know Why We Call This Fielder As Third Man? Here’s The Answer


India has the colossal fan taking after of Cricket. In spite of the fact that the game begun in England, it has an unparalleled fever in India. The way Indians need to know each and every little thing about it and remain stuck to their TV sets to appreciate the match is uncommon.

For every one of the individuals who can’t get enough of cricket, we present to you an intriguing random data.

Who Is the Third Man In Cricket And Why He Is Called So?

The defender who remains on the limit at a 45-degree point from the wicket is known as a third-man. This defender remains in the crevice that is between a wicket manager and the gorge and it controls the runs that are caused by misfields.

Despite the fact that nobody precisely knows the explanation for the inception of the expression “third man”, it is said that it began when the overarm rocking the bowling alley was presented in cricket and another defender was expected to compliment slip and point defenders. This “third defender” was consequently called “third man”.

Notwithstanding, with the evolving times, cricket developed as a game. Presently, the test coordinates barely observe a “third man” on the grounds that the greater part of the groups play assaulting cricket than a guarded amusement. Be that as it may, this third defender i.e. third man assumes an exceptionally crucial part in ODIs and T20.

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