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Akhil Marar fulfills one of his lifelong dreams ,celebrates the New Home Ceremony

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of news and excitement in the Bigg Boss house Meanwhile, the majority of the participants from the fifth season have come together. It is worth noting that he launched his new house on the day he finished one year on Bigg Boss. Akhil Mara, last season’s champion, had invited guests to see him at his new home. Akhil Marar, who won the competition, has now realized his long-held desire of owning a home. Akhil has purchased a flat in Ernakulam. Serena Ann Johnson, an actress and model, also attended the event. Serena and other Bigg Boss buddies gathered to witness Akhil Mara’s wedding ceremony at his new home. She is also close.

She is also close friends with Akhil’s wife, Lakshmi. Other Bigg Boss contestants who attended the event included Nadira Mehreen, Vishnu Manchu, Aniyan Mithun, Junais, Shiju, Shrutilakshmi, Manisha, and Shobha Vishwanath. Another thing that caught the attention of everyone was the appearance of Shobha Vishwanath, who had the biggest disputes with Akhil Marar in the Bigg Boss house.

Housewarming takes place on the same day. The event occurs on the same day of the year. It’s much more wonderful because we’re reunited. We’ll all be at the celebration this evening. Serena Ann Johsson stated that only a few of us will attend the ceremony in the morning. Serena claims that while she was with the help, she informed Akhilettan that it was a fantastic accomplishment and that she was quite proud that the work on the house had been completed. It’s a huge accomplishment to own a dream home after a year on Bigg Boss. Serena stated that it’s the consequence of hard labor.

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