Realistic Sculptures by Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck is a sculptor that Australian excessively utiliza film special effects to create works of art. Are incredibly realistic and if it wasn’t the size of the sculptures would be easy to confuse them with real people. Although highly detailed, these objects were usually designed to be photographed from a specific angle to hide the mess of the construction of the view from the other side. However, mueck wanted to produce sculptures increasingly realistic, perfect from every angle.Our first reaction to a work of Ron Mueck is amazing. Our admiration is almost instinctively as we look at the details of the human bodies that are invariably the theme of his sculptures. It will be the author an artist or just an excellent craftsman – a technician? This is he who puts on the sidelines of this controversy: ” never wanted to be a sculptor. I don’t know why I do this but I can’t imagine doing anything else. I don’t consider myself an artist, this is just the only thing I know how to do.”
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In his works Ron Uses Resin, fiberglass, Silicone, clay. The hair and the are placed one by one and the painting is also manual. In his studio always work in silence and alone. The statues are made by hand, very big when he gets the help of assistants. First are moulded in clay, then merged into silicone from a mold, finally, has hair and eyes implanted, besides receiving clothes and accessories.
Ron Mueck has already had his art on display in the major galleries in the world. The success of his first exhibition has already been rumbling, whether it’s for your art, whether it’s by the impact that it causes. The Fibreglass became his marble and bronze. Check it out!

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