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Unveiling The First Look Video Of Unni Mukundan In World Of Gandharvas

Gandharvan Junior’ is the fantasy movie that all Malayalis are waiting for. Unni Mukundan is playing the lead role in the highly anticipated film. Now the makers have released a video of the film. The video has been released under the name ‘World of Gandharvas’. It is clear from the video that this film will deconstruct the usual Gandharvas concepts. There are also indications that the film will tell the story of the Gandharvas’ struggles that have not been told. Anyway, after the release of the new update, the fans’ curiosity about the film has increased. The shooting of Gandharva Junior started on February 10 this year.

The film is being produced in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English along with Malayalam and is directed by Vishnu Aravind. Screenplay by Praveen Prabharam and Sujin Sujathan. Unni Mukundan will appear as Gandharva in the film. As the name suggests, Gandharva Junior will be a fantasy comedy film. During the announcement, the crew had informed that the film will be made with a budget of 40 crores. This is also the big budget film of Unni Mukundan’s career. No information has been released about the other actors of the film. Meanwhile, Unni Mukundan’s latest release is Malikappuram

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