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Kamal Haasan Backs Udayanidhi Stalin Highlighting Strengths Of The Sanatana Actor

Renowned actor and leader of Makkal Neethi Mayyam, Kamal Haasan, has thrown his support behind Tamil Nadu Minister Udayanidhi Stalin in the midst of the Sanatana Dharma reference controversy. This marks Kamal Haasan’s initial response to the ongoing issue surrounding Sanatana Dharma. The endorsement of Udayanidhi Stalin’s right to express his opinion was conveyed through a statement released via a platform identified as ‘X.’Kamal Haasan’s stance, emphasizing the importance of civil discourse over violent threats or legal tactics, invites those with differing viewpoints to engage in a constructive dialogue while highlighting the merits of Sanatana Dharma. He underscores the significance of avoiding the distortion of words for narrow political advantages.

In his statement, Kamal Haasan reiterates that a hallmark of genuine democracy is the ability of citizens to peacefully disagree and participate in ongoing discussions. He emphasizes that Tamil Nadu has historically provided a platform for healthy debates and will continue to do so, reiterating the need to refrain from twisting words for political gain. This show of support from Kamal Haasan sheds light on the ongoing debate surrounding Sanatana Dharma and underscores the vital role of open dialogue and respect for differing opinions in a thriving democratic society.

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