Actress Sonali Phogat was blackmailed before her death


Sonali Phogat, a prominent actress and politician from the BJP, was pronounced dead at St. Antony’s Hospital in Goa on Tuesday, August 23rd. She died at a private hotel in Anjuna. It was initially stated that she died of a heart attack and is survived by her daughter after her spouse died six years ago. She rose to prominence through Tik Tok videos, and her biggest break came after appearing on ‘Bigg Boss 14’, presented by Salman Khan.

The actress’s PA Sudhir and assistant Sukhwinder worked with her since 2019. They accompanied her to the seaside city for a photo shoot and her last video on Instagram was posted sometime back before her death.Sonal-i

Rinku Dhaka, Sonali’s brother, has filed an official police report saying that Sudhir and Sukhwinder murdered his sister. He claims she alerted the family that the duo was blackmailing her with a questionable video filmed while her drink was tainted. It was also claimed that she complained to her mother about the accused perpetrators before her death, and they advised her to stay away from them right away.Sonali

Another stunning revelation is that there was no gunshot in Goa and that the accused tricked the victim in order to seduce her. According to the plea, a laptop, CCTV cameras, and other items vanished from Sonali’s farmhouse in Haryana after she died. The Goa police have opened a suspected death case and have escalated their investigations, according to sources, and the accused may be detained shortly.Sonali-with-her-daughter

“My mother deserves justice. The case requires proper investigation and the culprits should get strict punishment,” said Phogat’s daughter to a news channel.