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The Hello Kitty Murder. A Story Of Sick And Twisted Torture.


In 1999, a 14 year old young lady strolled into a police headquarters, griping of being spooky by a lady in her flat. On examination, the police found a lady’s skull, stuffed into a ‘Welcome Kitty’ mermaid doll.

Before long, an irritating wrongdoing became known, an account of wiped out and bent torment.

Phantom of a Tortured Woman


In May 1999, fourteen year old “Ah Fong” (name changed) strolled into a police headquarters in the Tsim Sha Tsui region of Hong Kong. She told the going to officers that she was being spooky by the apparition of a young lady she had helped torment.

A genuinely unrealistic story – apparitions and torment, yet at the same time the officers followed up on Fong’s story.

When they explored a third floor level, situated amidst the Tsim Sha Tsui shopping locale, they found each sign of a stunning wrongdoing. There was confirmation of a cadaver covered up about the flat, parts of interior organs kept in the ice chest, and a few teeth were found.

Most stunning of all was the disclosure of a human skull, found in a huge, stuffed ‘Hi Kitty’ mermaid toy.

Three men and Fong were captured and soon the full size of the horrendous wrongdoing became known.

Fan Man-yee otherwise known as Ah Map.

The casualty was 23 year old Fan Man-yee, otherwise called Ah Map. Ok Map had been left to a young lady’s home as a kid, in the wake of being deserted by her folks. When she was 16, she had swung to an existence of little wrongdoing, sex available to be purchased and different addictions.

She worked the different clubs and massage parlors of the Tsim Sha Tsui/Kowloon region of Hong Kong, and a considerable lot of her demographic were known in the different circles of the Chinese underground social orders.

Ok Map met 34 year old Chan Man-lok in 1997, at one of the different houses of ill-repute she worked in. He turned into a customary customer, and had savage inclinations when he was on one of his numerous methamphetamine gorges.

It more likely than not been after one of these vicious upheavals that Ah Map felt she would not like to see Chan once more. Sadly she committed an error; she stole his wallet which contained $4000. Despite the fact that she paid back the cash, and $10,000 in premium, Chan still needed more.


Ok Map was not able pay the additional $16,000 Chan requested, so on seventeenth March, 1999, Map was found and stole from her home by two of Chan’s assistants, Leung Shing-cho (27) and Leung Wai-lun (21).

Ok Map had now entered a universe of degeneracy, torment and in the end, passing.

Amid the examination and trial Ah Fong, the fourteen year old young lady who drove police to the wrongdoing, gave many-sided points of interest on what detestations Ah Map experienced throughout the following month, paving the way to her demise. She was there for the whole occasion, she was Chan’s better half.

Initially Chan had kidnapped Ah Map keeping in mind the end goal to hold her and work her, taking every last bit of her profit until the point that the obligation had been reimbursed in full. Be that as it may, with the rehashed beatings Map endured, nobody truly needed to pay for the administrations, so Chan and his two companions utilized her as an individual play thing

The third floor level Ah Map was held in.


at first the torment was constrained to rehashed beatings, first with exposed hands, however soon this raised to hitting her with furniture and afterward metal bars. They would constrain Map to grin, giggle and say how upbeat she was, amid the beatings. On the off chance that she didn’t, the beatings would deteriorate.

Between beatings she would be left in the kitchen, while the trio (and Fong) would proceed on their meth gorges and play computer games. At the point when the recreations got exhausting, they would return to Ah Map and proceed with her torment.

They discovered utilizations for each kitchen apparatus or thing of sustenance kept in the cooler and in the cabinets. Now and again they would soften plastic onto her body, and after that, coming up short on things to dissolve, they would simply consume her specifically, trailed by spreading distinctive nourishments into the injuries in some kind of debilitated examination in torment.

The torturers soon found it was less demanding to get the opportunity to Map in the event that she was suspended, so utilizing electrical cabling they fixing her to a snare in the roof, and between sessions, would abandon her lingering palpably.

The tormenting deteriorated and more awful, and from here I’ll forget the subtle elements, as to be completely forthright, their wiped out creativity does not should be additionally composed about.

In the long run (and no uncertainty kindly), following a month of outrageous torment, Ah Map passed away. She had been left in the washroom, and kicked the bucket amid the night.

Equity Served?

The level where the wrongdoing was commited.

The torturers couldn’t work out what to do, so they backpedaled to playing computer games. The next day, after another throughout the night fling, Chan chose that Ah Map should have been additionally demolished. She was set into the bath, where she was dissected.

Her parts were come down, with an end goal to cover the odor, the head was stripped of all fragile living creature and set into the Hello Kitty doll. As Chan and his partners were bubbling body parts on one hot plate, they would be setting up their own particular suppers on the other… now and again, utilizing similar utensils in both.

Albeit the majority of the parts of Ah Maps body were discarded, there were some remaining parts left in the level when the police began their examination, alongside the head in the ‘Welcome Kitty’ doll, from which the wrongdoing got its name.

After the trial, the three men were given life sentences with no survey for parole, for at least 20 years. Despite the fact that the declaration from Ah Fong was observed to be sound, and the confirmation found in the level said a lot, the three men were just indicted murder and unlawful detainment

One of the sentenced being taken from court.

The jury found that the men had not murdered Ah Map with expectation, but rather was somewhat only an effect of the persistent manhandle.

Prior to the condo piece where the wrongdoing occurred was pulverized, it turned into a ground for some individuals who needed to reach the soul of Ah Map. Individuals who went by the level, particularly the kitchen, say that many candles could be discovered copying in little circles on the floor and on cabinets.

At the point when Ah Map passed on, she deserted a 1 year old child.

At the point when Ah Fong was asked how they could all partake in such an awful wrongdoing she answered “She was broken and playing with her wasn’t such a great amount of fun from that point onward, however we carried on in any case. There wasn’t whatever else to do”

“I did it for entertainment only. Just to perceive what it resembled to hurt somebody.”

For her declaration Ah Fong recieved add up to insusceptibility from indictment.

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