Charu Asopa on Divorce with Rajeev Sen: Prioritizing a Happy Environment for Their Daughter

Charu Asopa, the popular actor, and Rajeev Sen, have been in the spotlight due to their ongoing divorce proceedings. As the final hearing approaches, Charu opens up about their approach to co-parenting their daughter, Ziana. She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing their daughter’s well-being and not exposing her to an unhappy relationship.

The divorce of Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen has been the subject of much media attention. As they approach the final hearing of their divorce, Charu reflects on their decision to co-parent their daughter, Ziana, in a way that ensures her happiness and emotional well-being. Charu Asopa emphasizes that Ziana is both her and Rajeev’s responsibility, and they are committed to providing the best environment for their daughter. While the couple may no longer stay together, Charu maintains that Rajeev is always welcome to spend time with Ziana. They are determined to co-parent effectively and create a positive experience for their daughter.

In their effort to prioritize their daughter’s upbringing, Charu Asopa stresses the importance of mutual respect and good behavior between her and Rajeev. She wants Ziana to witness her parents treating each other with respect, even if they are no longer together romantically. This approach aims to ensure a healthy and harmonious environment for their daughter.

Charu Asopa firmly believes that it is better for Ziana to grow up in an environment where her parents are happy, even if it means they are apart. She wants to shield her daughter from any toxicity or unhappiness that may arise from a strained relationship between her parents. By prioritizing their own happiness, Charu and Rajeev aim to create a positive atmosphere for Ziana’s upbringing.

Rajeev Sen, in his vlog, shared his perspective on the divorce and the upcoming hearing. He expresses a positive outlook and believes that whatever happens on June 8 will be for the betterment of Charu, himself, and their daughter. Rajeev acknowledges the need for a healthy and positive environment and wishes the best for everyone involved.

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