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Many people have already expressed their opinions and criticisms about Bigg Boss contestant Jasmin. The negatives of Jasmin have been discussed more than the positives. Meanwhile, Gabri is out of the show. Gabri’s exit was a shocker. Now actress and presenter Arya Badai’s words about Jasmine are getting attention. Arya was a contestant in Bigg Boss Malayalam season 2. Arya’s response while talking to online media. Will the cup be for Jasmine? Arya’s answer to the question was “I don’t know, sometimes it may or may not happen.” Jasmin needs support. Jasmin’s image outside has changed. Jasmine has changed track. Now Jasmine will be much better. Jasmine will be positive. Moreover, Arya clarified that she does not know if there will be favoritism. The comparison with Jasmine is the same. Season 2 was said to be a cup for Arya.

But I had no idea about this. You know when people say it when it comes out. It was very difficult for me personally. No one told me that they would give me a cup inside. He did not know how it was telecasted. Arya says that she learned many things after coming out. Those who were in their season said that Bigg Boss is a well-edited show. Its creators decide what comes out. How to show who. First how to show and then how to show all this is in the hands of the creators. Our season didn’t have 24 hours. Arya points out that it was only an hour. And all the good contestants have already been eliminated. Arya said that there is no problem in whoever gets the cup. I loved watching this show from the sidelines. Arya says that after participating, that love went away. People may be projecting a little too much of the person they like. After all, this is a business. They are cashless. Arya asks that if the people want to see it, then it should be taken according to the will of the people. Arya is also talking about Gabri who is out. Gabri was one of the best contestants.

Arya Badai

Arya Badai


He should have been in the final five. Arya openly says that Gabri-Jasmine love was natural at first, but now she feels it. Meanwhile, Arya had reacted to Jasmin through a social media post the previous day. Arya responded that the negative image Jasmine had earlier is changing and she is worried about Jasmine’s condition after leaving Bigg Boss. Meanwhile Jasmine is a strong contestant in Bigg Boss Malayalam season 6. Jasmin managed to dominate the show right from the start. At the same time, Jasmin’s friendship with Gabri also received huge criticism. The criticism was that both of them were playing a pre-prepared love drama. The closeness of both of them led to severe criticism and controversies. Jasmin’s friendship with Gabri also led to many changes in her life.

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