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Ambassador ranked the world’s best taxi.It may have lost out to the more modern competitors from Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Toyota and Honda but the good old Ambassador car, which once ruled the roost in India, has just been voted as the world’s best taxi by global automotive programme Top Gear.

The World’s Best Taxi Race was featured in the  Second episode of serirs twenty of Top Gear. It was staged by Richard Hammond in order to find the world’s superior taxi. Seven iconic taxis from seven different nations were assembled for a winner takes all race at the Lydden hill race circuit. Unlike previous ‘scientific races’ the winner was the first to cross the finish line instead of the last car standing.

Nation Vehicle Driver
Great Britain 1997 Fairway Driver Richard Hammond
Mexico 1970 Volkswagen Beetle Paul O’Neill
United States Ford Crown Victoria Tom Chilton
India Hindustan Ambassador Gordon Shedden
South Africa Toyota HI Ace Matt Jackson
Germany Mercedes E-Class Matt Neal
Russia Streched Lincoln Town Car Anthony Reid

Arranging on the begin line, Gordon Shedden lit an incense stick in the lodge of the Hindustan Ambassador alongside a puppet of a Hindu god. As the other hustling drivers wound up plainly restless, beeping their horns in disappointment, the race begin was flagged. Quickly, Richard Hammond operating at a profit taxi falled behind. Up the front the South African was disregarding Hammond’s strict ‘no body contact’ run, crushing into the German, American, and Indian cabs.

Hammond turns out to be further and facilitate behind as the Russian limo battles for hold in the corners. Hammond takes an easy route on the slope putting him unequivocally in the number one spot. Alternate drivers were disappointed with this strategy and subsequent to getting up to speed to Hammond the German driver shunted him off the track and into a demountable building.

With the race at the midpoint, at with no unmistakable champ developing, the drivers turned out to be more brutal. The Russian limo slammed the South African removing his back entryway. Richard Hammond was again slammed by the German taxi who pushed his dark taxicab into the entryway of the Mexican creepy crawly; it’s entryway tumbled off. The German pushes the Russian limo which makes it turn wild. Presently stopped over the track the American taxi hammers into it’s side, softening it up half. The effect decimated both the Russian limo and the American yellow taxi, both out of the race. The South African ended up noticeably miserable with the moderately unmarked German taxi and pushed it off the track and into a bollard. The taxi spun and arrived on it’s rooftop meaning Germany was currently out of the running.

Presently into the last lap of the race, Hammond takes another easy route placing him ahead of the pack with just a couple of corners to go. On the last straight Hammond is overwhelmed by the rest of the drivers with the Hindustan Ambassador ahead of the pack. India’s fifty-five year old taxi goes too far initially, authoritatively delegated it as the best taxi on the planet. “All things considered, the pot of motorsport has yet again given us the appropriate response. Things being what they are, the best taxi on the planet is the Hindustan Ambassador.”


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