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Friday September 22, 2023 : 7:36 AM
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Women get compensation of 2 crores from a posh salon for getting the wrong haircut

ITC Maurya hairstyle controversy: A buyer court in Delhi requested a lavish inn network to settle up two crore rupees to her model hairstyle at their salon in 2018 turned out badly. The woman, a hair products model, said the incident caused her “severe mental breakdown” since it left her with “little or almost no hair.”Hair Cut 1

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission observed that women are “emotionally attached to their hair” and spend “handsome” amounts for its upkeep. Due to a haircut at ITC Maurya, “she lost her expected assignments and suffered a huge loss which completely changed her lifestyle and shattered her dream to be a top model,” the order said. The lady, who has purportedly displayed for realized brands like Pantene and VLCC, during her April 2018 visit to the ITC salon in Delhi gave guidelines for “long flicks/layers covering her face toward the front and at back, and four-inch straight hair trim from the base.” She was set out toward a meeting before long her hairstyle arrangement. Things didn’t go as arranged…Hair Cut 2

According to reports, the lady’s standard beautician was not accessible and the beautician who hence conveyed did in such a way underneath her assumptions. The staff reportedly chopped off all her hair except a short four-inch length from the top. A popular Coco Chanel quote squeezes into the whole disaster: “A lady who trims her hair is going to completely change her.” Indeed, the model’s life has changed, for better or in negative ways. Who can say for sure, regardless of whether a robust two-crore scoop will want to recuperate the injuries of lost locks for the Delhi model or not? Or then again maybe now, more individuals will be kinder to awful hairstyles for the fortune that anticipates in return.Hair-color-gone-wrong-Red-Hair

It’s inevitable before the hair comes back in any case. Cash doesn’t grow on trees. In any case, it wasn’t so particularly direct as all that for the model for this situation that has spellbound online media since standing out as truly newsworthy. A second salon arrangement at a similar spot, to repair the past goof, clearly compounded the situation since the treatment presented there harmed her hair and scalp with more ammonia

“No doubt… women are very cautious and careful about their hair,” the court said in its order awarding compensation to the model. It would be an opportune moment to say #NotAllWomen.


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