Here is Some Animation Example for the Difference between “New Generation” and “Old Generation”..

Difference Between Old Generation and New Generation

What are your thoughts about today’s world? Today, Totally changed our Life Style and Thoughts.

We can never Forgotten  Our Childhood. Because that was so Beautiful. School life, Friends, Variety Plays and Family relationship was very nice in that time. First of all We know the Family relationship value like Father-mother-children’s. So we definitely  gave respect to our Parents.

But now a days Our Children’s Can’t Know the Beautify of Childhood. They are trapped in a Cyber World. Their Time spent with Only Unknown Friends in Social Medias.

Here is Some Animation Example of Our Generation and Old Generation

One Second You Think About this Picture. This is a Family Walk, But No more Conversation. Everyone Only Listen to Mobile. The Situation is True for Our Family.

This Picture Says the main Difference of Our Generation and Old Generation.

You Have any Doubt When you Saw this Picture? No Doubt! This is New Generation

This Picture Says the Big Change in Our Life style and Our Body Structure.

This is the Big Difference Between Old Generation Peoples and New Generation Peoples. In Old Generation Everyone Should read News papers, So they have aware about society. But in the case of New generation Everyone  in Social Media Network sorry, Net trap.

This Picture says the People’s Over addiction of Social Medias. Nobody Don’t have the Helping Mind in our Generation.