What You Expect Vs How You End Up

What all of a sudden turns into a hit image in Twitterverse is difficult to figure. From scenes of Bollywood movies like the current one from Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Principle Hoo Naa’ to Kids, Adults and Legends jokes, it’s difficult to gage what might achieve next rush of images. Yet, when you run over a peculiar picture like this one here, it’s just expected that it would introduce itself as grain for our dynamic image creators. Doing what they specialize in, Indian Twitterati is caught up with photoshopping and inscribing the Twitter ‘star’.

The odd position of the man adjusting himself on rocks trying to not get wet has snatched eyeballs the whole way across. From the different speculations clarifying what could have precisely roused such a special and a somewhat awkward stance, some even went ahead to clarify the perplexing Doklam remain off amongst India and China,pinpointing the geopolitical areas! The virtuoso that Tweeple can be.


Furthermore, as though images and inscribing the photograph was insufficient, soon it prompted a clever photoshop challenge on the microblogging website. From rethinking Michelangelo’s ‘The Creation of Adam’, which frames some portion of the Sistine Chapel’s roof to antiquated models at Khajuraho — many effectively showed their talent for traditional workmanship (can’t point the finger at them, is there anything cooler that established craftsmanship image).

While we completely have no clue about the beginning of the photo, or who the man is, it has positively surprised Twitter. Look at a portion of the clever responses here.

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