Does your account number change and your money goes to someone else’s account? There is a solution.

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It is a common practice for many people to change the account number they intend to send money to and send it to someone else ‘s account. Many people are skeptical about what to do in such a situation. Let’s see what are the remedies for this. This knowledge will definitely be useful for everyone.

Bank Account

Bank Account

First, find out if the sender’s account and your account belong to the same bank.

But when the problem arises, if your account and the sender’s account belong to different banks. If this happens, first of all, if you have any questions, please contact our bank manager. Then write an application about the money transfer and include a screenshot of the money being sent. Give it to the manager. He will contact the bank manager who sent you the money and he will talk to the holder of the account to whom you sent the money and refund the money to your account within 7-8 days.

Bank Account

Bank Account

But some people may not be able to get their money back. If, however, he does not return the money to you, you may seek redress through the courts. If you go to court like this, all the fees will cost you a lot of money. Better yet, fix it yourself. To avoid losing more money, first transfer only a small amount of money and make sure that the account is the same. Only after confirming this, transfer the remaining amount.

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