Do You Know What Happened After The Mahabharata War..?

Mahabharata is an almost consummate case of how to approach your life aside from, obviously, the war. The war of Kurukshetra, is thought to be one of the bloodiest wars at any point battled in mankind’s history. It was monstrous to the point that regardless of going on for just eighteen days, it brought about the demise of right around 80 percent of the Indian male populace, and its account shapes more than a fourth of the book. What’s broadly known is that the Pandavas won and the Kauravas lost. Ever envisioned what occurred after the Pandavas won? Who all survived? To what extent did the Pandavas control Hastinapur? How did they at long beyond words would they say they were really killed? What’s more, above all, what occurred with Lord Krishna? All things considered, here are the (likely) answers.

1) After winning the war of Kurukshetra, Pandavas are delegated the leaders of Hastinapur with Yudhistira being in charge of issues. An anguish stricken Gandhari curses Krishna longing for him and the entire Yadav group a painfull demise simply like her children (Kauravas).

2) Pandavas run Hastinapur for 36 long years. In the interim, Gandhari’s revile to Lord Krishna begins coming to fruition. Seeing inauspicious occasions in Dwarka, Krishna drives a departure of the whole Yadav family to Prabhasa. In Prabhasa, a dangerous insubordination results among the faction, and the Yadavs wind up murdering each other to the degree of nearly wiping out their whole race.

3) While attempting to stifle the disobedience, a seeker erroneously shoots a bolt at the “mortal” Lord Krishna, at last slaughtering him. From that point, Krishna converges in the picture of Vishnu and leaves his mortal human body. After the downfall of Lord Krishna, Ved Vyasa reveals to Arjuna that the motivation behind his and his siblings’ lives is finished.

4) At about a similar time, Dwapara Yuga is very nearly consummation, and Kali Yuga is going to begin. Taking a gander at the turmoil and adharma crawling into his kingdom, Yudhistira crowns Parikshit as the lord, and the Pandavas, alongside Draupadi, choose to climb the Himalayas as a last retribution to achieve paradise. A stray pooch (Lord Yama in camouflage) goes along with them on their way to the best.

5) As the pack ascends, one by one, they begin tumbling to their demise. It begins with Draupadi, and Bheem is the last to tumble to death. The explanations behind their demise are related with their goals, issues, and inconveniences caused by their pride. Just Yudhistira, who didn’t take pride in anything, alongside the canine, makes it to the portal of paradise on the Himalayas.

6) At the passage of paradise, Lord Yama, camouflaged as the pooch, uncovers his character and before giving Yudhistira a chance to enter paradise, takes him on a visit through the scaffold of damnation. In hellfire, Yudhistira witnesses his siblings and Draupadi reclaiming their transgressions. Master Indira, at that point, takes Yudhistira to paradise and guarantees him that his siblings and Draupadi

will be there.

This is the means by which Lord Krishna and the Pandavas, the most vital characters of Mahabharata, left the mortal world. After this, started the Kali Yuga, which is the world as we probably am aware today.

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