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Angelina Jolie wanted to be made, look at how she started doing 50 surgeries.

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie is counted among the world’s most beautiful women. Followers of 42-year-old actress are present throughout the world. Fans are desperate to get a glimpse of Angelina. Well, Angelina has a fan who has spoiled her face to look like them. We are talking about 22 year old Sahar Tabar of Iran, who is such a big fan of Angelina Jolie that she is ready to do anything for her sake.


In the pictures of the sea becoming increasingly viral on social media, she is not looking like Angelina at all. The cities want to look like them at all cost. For this, he has done 50 surgeries so far. In an interview, Sahar told that he had taken his weight by 40 kg and then he weighed 40 kg. With the help of special diet, they are not allowing their body to grow or decrease. They have pierced their cheeks and have completely changed their hair color.

To look like his idol Angelina Jolie, Sehar spoiled her hulla. He made such a situation in the beauty of becoming beautiful, due to which trolls are being made on social media. Sahar continuously shares selfie on his Instagram account, seeing the people joking about him. Many people call them zombie then some cartoon characters. There are more than four and a half million followers on Instagram.





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