Why Are Airplanes Windows Round

On the off chance that you have been going through planes frequently, you may have watched that the windows of the plane are round or somewhat bended. Be that as it may, have you asked why the windows are round and not rectangular? The appropriate response behind the round state of windows is very fascinating.

Look at the appropriate response here!

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Prior, planes did not have round windows

They had square windows just like we have at our houses and cars.

Then what changed the shapes of the window?

With the progress in technology, the size of the plane was changed along with the shape of windows in order to carry more passengers.

In 1953 two airplanes fell apart in the air and killed 53 passengers.

Do you know the reason? 

The reason was the square shaped windows.

Any object with corners is weak and are more sustainable to get affected under pressure.

And similar is the case with rectangular windows.

Rectangular windows have four corners which mean it has four potential weak points which can crash down under stress.

It was found that rectangular windows can crash down by air pressure but not the round one.

When the window is slightly curved or round, the probability of the window getting crushed decreases.

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