15 Yr Kerala Student Produces Death Certificate For Identification, Gives Teachers A Massive Shock!

What happens when you’re as yet alive, however you have a passing authentication to your name! Sweta Poojary, a class tenth understudy was made a request to get a birth declaration to check her character on Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC), she got a passing authentication rather, which expressed she kicked the bucket 14 years prior!

The testament issued by Bellur Panchayat expressed that she kicked the bucket 14 years back. The school experts alongside the educators were shocked they saw the record. Sweta was conceived on September 13, 2002 and her dad had connected for the birth declaration in October 2002.

The authentication that went to Sweta’s dad wasn’t a birth testament yet a passing declaration. Rather than checking the authentication, her dad kept it in the cabinet, just to get it out following 14 years!


It was the Panchayat that issued a passing testament, rather than birth. Now that is one episode that portray ‘parody of mistakes’.

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