New ‘Safe Browsing’ is coming to Google Chrome, Everything you need to know

New 'Safe Browsing' is coming to Google Chrome

Google’s upcoming Chrome 91 update also includes a new ‘Safe Browsing’ feature. The new update guarantees Google Chrome users the best Google extensions and more protection against viruses when downloading from other websites. Chrome will now give you a warning if you download an insecure extension. The warning will appear in a box. If you turn on Google’s new ‘Safe Browsing’, Google will check for viruses in all the files you download through Chrome. If there is a virus, an alert will be issued. Users will only get this new feature in the next update. Existing Safe Browsing can provide early warning of possible viruses. Google claims that web browsers can be used to increase security when accessing other Google apps. Current Safe Browsing can be notified even if passwords are subject to a data breach.

Website URLs can be entered into Safe Browsing and checked. It also helps identify new challenges by sending small page samples, downloads, extension activities, and system information. According to Google, this data will temporarily link to your Google Account and protect you from security issues with other Google apps. “Since its first launch, it has been working to improve systems that allow URLs to be checked at the same time, as well as systems for reporting old attacks that have gone unnoticed through machine learning. As a result, 35% fewer users of Safe Browsing than regular users are victims of cyber-attacks such as phishing, ”Google said in a blog post. Those who want to turn on Safe Browsing can go to Settings in Google Chrome, select Security from Privacy & Security and select Safe Browsing from its Enhanced protection.


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