How to find out if the phone is lost? There is a way

Losing a used phone is something no one can think of. Lose the phone but you will lose not only the price paid for the phone, but also its files, information, phone numbers, pictures, videos, and much more valuable to you. But there is a way to find out if Android phones are lost and delete their files. But not all lost Android phones can be found. Some other things are needed to be able to find the phone. The phone can only be found if certain options in the settings are turned on. The phone should be switched on as well. Before telling you how to find the phone, let’s get acquainted with the things to look for in the settings. First of all, as mentioned earlier, your Android phone must be switched on. In addition, the location service on the phone must be turned on. Next, the ‘Find My Device’ feature on the phone must be turned on. It is also essential to be ‘signed in’ to a Google Account and be on the Net on mobile. It can also help if you have a backup phone or a backup code for a lost phone.

How to find the phone and delete filesStep

  1.  Log in your Google Account on another Android phone in your hand (must be the same Google Account on the lost phone).
  2. Open Google Browser and search for ‘Find My Device’ and go to Google’s Find My Device site.How to find out if the phone is lost
  3.  Once you log on to the website the notification will go to the lost phone and you will be able to know the location of the phone. It allows you to know the current location or the final location of the phone.
  4. At the bottom of the page, you will see three more options. You will see the ‘Play Sound, Secure Device, and Iris Device’ options. If you put ‘Play Sound’ in it, the phone will ring loudly for 5 minutes continuously even if it is in silent mode or vibration mode.

You can lock your phone with the second option ‘Secure Device’. The password currently assigned to the phone can be locked with a pattern or a new password. If the phone is in someone else’s hands, you can send them a message and give them the phone number to call. If you give the third option ‘Erase Device’, all the files on the phone will be deleted. Everything from your phone numbers to apps will be deleted. With that, you will not be able to know where the phone is. So even if there is some possibility of getting the phone back, it is better not to use this option.

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