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WhatsApp and Facebook are going to Merge

WhatsApp and Facebook are going to Merge

WhatsApp and Instagram are two companies that have acquired Facebook. One of the first speculations that came after the two popular companies came under Facebook was, Will they ever work together? Was. Facebook chief Zuckerberg himself said last year that he intends to merge all three platforms to provide a unique service. Facebook seems to be taking the first steps to establish links between the three platforms using Messenger. A report by WABetaInfo hints at a feature that could become a common thread among these mega internet platforms.

According to the WABetaInfor shared report, Facebook creates tables in a local database that can help manage messages and services with WhatsApp users. Using these references, Facebook can extract the contact’s phone number, message and voice of push notifications, even if a contact is blocked in WhatsApp. However, it cannot see the content of messages, members of a group, or profile pictures. The features are at a very early stage and it is not sure if Facebook will allow users to communicate with each other on different platforms. The company could even eliminate this feature in the future. Since the user recently found a link to get Facebook’s Messenger on Instagram, it is likely that Instagram is moving in the same direction. This feature is now limited to a few users.

WhatsApp and Facebook are going to Merge

WhatsApp and Facebook are going to Merge

If Facebook is willing to offer a cross-platform experience, they will either have to end encryption security services on WhatsApp. Yes, eventually it does, and WhatsApp’s promise that no one will ever leak our personal information is a mistake. WhatsApp has become a part of the lives of billions of users. “This is the number one messaging app in the world. Mark Zuckerberg must have been secretly planning a security risk. That is, if Zuckerberg’s plan was implemented, he could say goodbye to WhatsApp forever. ” Data leakage is likely to be widespread as messages can be transferred from WhatsApp to Messenger, from Messenger to WhatsApp, and to Instagram. Mark Zuckerberg is planning a game aimed at tackling Facebook’s current crises. Currently the most active WhatsApp is aiming to drastically increase the number of inactive Messenger and Instagram users. But tech experts say what can happen to end-to-end encryption security. All those who currently oppose Zuckerberg’s decisions are out of the company. Zuckerberg is easy to push for further decisions. Connecting all three messaging services will provide you with a huge data base. This is Zuckerberg’s goal.

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