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OnePlus Nord 2 exploded only five days after purchase!


A five-day-old OnePlus Nord 2 5G mobile phone exploded in a woman’s bag. The incident took place in Bangalore on Sunday. Soon after the incident, the woman’s husband shared the news on Twitter. Nord 2, the latest model from Chinese mobile phone maker OnePlus, was launched last month. OnePlus said it had contacted the user and would investigate the matter.
Ankur Sharma posted on Twitter on Sunday morning that his wife had exploded on her mobile bag while going cycling. ‘Suddenly the phone exploded. Smoke began to rise from it. Sharma tweeted that his wife was injured in the blast. He later deleted the tweet but can still see the cached version. He also shared three pictures of the exploding mobile phone.

The official account of OnePlus on Twitter asked him to contact the company directly via text message. It is not clear whether the company compensated the user in the explosion. This is not the first time the OnePlus mobile phone has exploded. In July 2019, there were reports that the OnePlus mobile had exploded.

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