Apple sold 115 crore iPhones in one second


Apple iPhone has made a tremendous record in terms of sales. According to data from, iPhone sold 100 million yuan (about Rs 115 crore) in one second on the last day of the 618th sale in China. The performance of other companies in the cell was also very good, but Apple left everyone behind with its sale. 

China, the demand for Apple’s devices has increased significantly in the last few months. The biggest reason behind this can be said to be the declining market share of Huawei. Huawei has been struggling a lot since the US ban. Huawei suffered the biggest setback when Google stopped supporting it. This is the reason why Huawei has now had to develop its own operating system HarmonyOS.

Haier, Media and Gree sold 100 million in a minute in China. At the same time, Siemens and Xiaomi sold 100 million yuan in three minutes. The report said that Samsung’s sales in ear-on-ear sales have increased by 200 percent. Apart from this, the sale of Reality and iQOO achieved a 6-fold increase in the ear-on-ear sale in the first 15 minutes. Not only this, sales of Active Noise Cancellation earphones in the sale also registered a year-on-ear growth of 260 percent in the first 10 minutes.

company said that in terms of year-on-year sales, JD Supermarket’s overall turnover has increased 10 times. The special thing is that in this sale, most of the merchants and stores broke the record of last year’s sale in the morning sale itself. According to the report, the average transaction volume of single stores of companies in this sale was 4.3 times more than last year.