This Is What These 2 Lines On Ronaldo’s Head Stand For…

After reading this, you might change the way you look at Ronaldo forever. Take a look…

Cristiano Ronaldo

Considered as a standout amongst the best sportsmen of present day period, Cristiano Ronaldo has dependably been media’s most loved youngster. He is condemned more for his on and off field conduct than for his on field execution.

Thought to be impolite, self-important and unbending, this 3 time Ballon D’Or victor has made equivalent measure of fans and haters.

Those 2 lines

Regardless, this man never at any point neglects to astound individuals with his tricks. The begin of 2016 Euro glass hasn’t been truly positive for him yet something about him in the principal round of the competition he played became famous online.

Those 2 lines on his head turned into the new all the rage after Portugal’s initially amusement in Euro container 2016. Everybody needed to translate the importance. So here we did it for you and mind you, the importance will change the way you take a gander at this awesome player until the end of time.

Continue perusing ahead to know the significance of those 2 lines.

The Reason

If sources are to be believed, Ronaldo took care of the entire treatment of a child suffering from cancer. He paid the entire amount of the treatment.

During the process of the treatment, this boy underwent a surgery after which two scars remained on one side of his head. Those scars were the reason and Ronaldo used them as a motive for his haircut and hence that look.

No matter how rude Ronaldo is to people, he will always be a very good and helpful man for the ones in need.

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