Lionel Messi Has A Look-Alike In Iran

We here at Toe Poke love an odd story, and do we have one for you.

This one originates from an impossible football source, Iran, where a 25-year-old understudy was confined – yes, kept – throughout the end of the week for looking excessively like Barcelona and Argentina hotshot Lionel Messi, in the event that you can trust it.

We’ll give that sink access a bit. …

Be that as it may, it’s valid! Reza Parastesh looks so much like the five-time Ballon d’Or victor that police in the city of Hamaden conveyed him to their station and appropriated his auto in light of the confusion he was bringing about in the city.


Obviously, excessively numerous individuals were ceasing and asking for to bring pictures with Parastesh, who has turned into somewhat of a star and, to cite the BBC, “is completely reserved with media meets and has even landed displaying contracts.”

Who is behind his sudden blasted of acclaim, you may ponder? A phase father, obviously, who was the first to place him in a Barca No. 10 shirt and snap a photograph around 10 months back. The rest is Doppelgänger history.

“Presently individuals truly consider me to be the Iranian Messi and need me to impersonate all that he does,” Parastesh, who says he is taking a shot at some football traps, told AFP. “When I show up some place, individuals are truly stunned.

“I’m truly glad that seeing me makes them upbeat, and this bliss gives me a great deal of vitality.”