Mohanlal reacted to the troll, ‘Anthony is not a worker, he has been a boss ever since’

The usual May Day greeting should end on the second day. But there is a May Day greeting that is still circulating. It’s about Antony…

The usual May Day greeting should end on the second day. But there is a May Day greeting that is still circulating. It’s about Antony Perumbavoor and Mohanlal. In the near future, Malayalees will not be happy to forward such a May Day greeting. Antony laughs at this too. The Malayalee mind is very happy to see someone fall apart. When Rajan Pillai, the biscuit king who shook the corporates of the country with his hard work from the ordinary cashew owner, died, we happily read the story of Rajan Pillai’s empire going to collapse. When MA Yusufali built Lulu Mall in Kochi, instead of the investment we got there, we discussed the news that Yusufali had climbed the edge of the river. If you bought any Saipu Kovalam Leela Hotel we would be in the queue to see it. When Ravi Pillai, a Malayalee, bought it, we went in search of the roots of the palace. In the case of Antony, he is happily forwarded because he has the same mindset. Of course, this message was not created by an artist. Ripper is a criminal with the same mindset. Who says Antony is a worker. After the release of the movie Narasimham, Marty, this man has become a capitalist. That is good merchants who know how to put money down and make money. Antony is not a farmer who loses his life waiting for a coconut trader who has lakhs of coconuts in his field. Then there is a trader who knows how to make coconut baskets. A merchant who knows how to sell copra, coconut oil, coir, and coir on time. Recognizing that Mohanlal is a product, Antony branded it as a brand. Lal is the first filmmaker in the country to have such a brand after Amitabh Bachchan. It was made by Antony himself. Many superstars in the country have not been sold enough because they do not have the business acumen to stand with the block. This is quite common in the entertainment industry around the world. They run their business with those who go to school and learn, and Antony does it with his own head.mohanlal_antony_perumbavoor

During this difficult time, Drishyam-2 was made for Rs 8 crore and could not be sold to Amazon for Rs 30 crore. Malayalam is a powerful language to release movies in only 70 theaters in the country. Telugu, which is released in 1000 theaters, and Hindi, which is released in 3000 theaters, are all from the same country. None of them could. The sales of this film made it to the top of Amazon’s world rankings because of the mindset of a salesman named Antony. When Mohanlal says ‘Don’t be afraid Antony and we can think about living in time’ when everyone is scared to catch the corona, it is a man who has found his own way by sparking it. Antony Mohanlal was not earning by leaving work. Antony was not sleeping day and night, he was thinking and running to bring Mohanlal to more and more people. This is exactly what MA Yousafzai and Bill Gates do. It is the hard work of this man that has brought crores of investment to Malayalam cinema. It is this man who makes wood for Rs 80 crore and burrows for Rs 100 crore. If any Marwari comes up with this investment in IT parks in the state, we will reluctantly call the fold ‘Moilali’. That would make big news. We should not forget that up to 40% of any Malayalam film is taxed in various ways. It is the highest taxpayer in the country. Whether Antony is called an employer, a worker or a driver is unlikely to be answered in particular. He does his job and is silent. In Malayalam cinema, there are very few people who pay exactly the same amount to Lightbody. A good salesman who brings in good workers and puts them to work for good pay. Before making fun of him, look in the mirror and ask yourself, is there jealousy somewhere? It is jealousy of a person who is holding a crocodile that no one wants. A sentence by Mohanlal can be read in conjunction with this. ‘Anthony is not like a brother to me, he is a brother. Whatever happens until death, it will be the same. ‘

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