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LPG Hidden dangers, After reading this Please share it with others.

LPG Hidden dangers

LPG Otherwise, most of us have limited knowledge of this dangerous gas, which is a very dangerous gas called liquid petroleum gas. Mainly because we use it for cooking. That is why we call LPG gas. The LPG, which comes to our home in red cylinders nearly knee-high, has the power to burn our entire family in just a moment. The 25- to 30-liter LPG packed in that small cylinder is enough to eliminate our dreams, hopes, life and life in just a moment. The first is that of causation. For loved ones, LPG is more dense or heavier than atmospheric air. Therefore, when the LPG is leaky, the gas cannot mix with the atmospheric gas very quickly or rapidly merge with the atmosphere. Naturally, according to Newton’s law of gravity, the LPG is

LPG Hidden dangers

heavier than atmospheric air, so the LPG lies at a certain height near our land surface. The atmospheric expansion of the LPG depends on the amount of leachable LPG and on the course of the wind. That said, there is a gas leak in the open air. But the condition of the kitchens in our homes is very dangerous.

LPG in our kitchens In a leak, it never merges with atmospheric air or expands as stated above. The reason is that there is insufficient ventilation in our closed kitchens. Because of the lack of airflow and the density of the LPG is higher than that of the atmospheric gas, the LPG is lying at a certain height near the floor. ) A ch Efforts to Rhea, saying that even spark a big accident, especially when.
Here are three things you need to know about fire or fire in an LPG leakage. The fires occur when the proportions are joined together We can never have a fire. Typically, firefighting is done when one of these three is eliminated … Smoothing and Starvation are used by the Firefox team when there are different types

LPG Hidden dangers

of files. Let’s get back to the LPG itself. Since these are the three most common causes of fire, there are always two of the above three in the LPG leak space. Second is Fuel ie Inam. If there is a fire in it, then there is heat or heat. If LPG is a gas that is very interested in combustion, it is necessary to burn the LPG with an explosion. The amount of heat needed is quite low.

Now there’s another possibility to explode the LPG cylinder. This means that when the fire is burning and an object burns so close to the cylinder, the LPG inside the cylinder is in liquid form. The pressure inside the cylinder is increased and the LPG cylinder becomes stronger And explodes.

LPG Hidden dangers

Here are a few things to note when using LPG
1, keep the LPG cylinder open and the gas fireplace always closed. Because if you keep the gamp oven on the windowsill or on the sidewalk, there is a risk of wind blowing when our attention is turned away. If you notice that the fire is out of order after a while, it can cause a serious accident.

2, the tube coming from the cylinder to the oven must be carefully checked before going to the combustion.

3, the valve on the cylinder must be closed immediately after the use of the LPG. Never close your knob and make it busy or easy. In any case, if the tube breaks or there is a regulator leak, it can cause a major disaster.

Now, if you notice that your home is an LPG leak, here are a few things you need to know. Try to turn off the valve on the cylinder as soon as possible for the first time

1, If you notice an LPG leak that is beyond your control, take your phone immediately and inform the fire and rescue team. (No.-101). 3, If the LPG appears to be leaky, do not turn on or off the electrical equipment in that area. Turn the switches on or off. Try switching off the main switch instead of blocking the power supply. Small Spark Religious Vitakkan the event of a disaster upon us and everybody thick.

2, open the windows and doors of the LPG Leaky Room or Kitchen and try to maximize the ventilation in the room. It is best to leave water or to spread damp sacks or cloths… If so, inform them and ask them to turn off the oven and cut off the electricity. 8, After doing all you can do, stay as far away as possible until the fire falls

3, If you are in an area where an LPG tanker is toppled and an LPG leak, stop at a distance of one kilometer as soon as possible. Never try to get to the tanker. Because there is nothing you can do. You may have only one goal – to save your life. If possible, gather the people who are with you as soon as possible.

After reading this, please share with your friends .. because every life is valuable. those who know more about it, record their knowledge.



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