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Find Out How The Vidya Vahan App Is Revolutionizing School Bus Tracking

Parents who send their children to school are worried until they return. Even if the school bus gets home late, the worry will increase. In situations like these, there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t wish there was a way to know where the school buses ended up. The Kerala Motor Vehicle Department has prepared a solution to this problem. MVD has launched a new app that can track the location of school buses. Through the app called Vidhya Vahan, parents can track the location of the school bus their children travel on a daily basis. This will help you to avoid worry in case of bus delay. This app will also be helpful for those who are waiting at the pick-up point or the rodeo in front of their house with their children thinking that it is time for the bus to come in the morning. The GPS tracker installed in the bus helps to track the location. The most notable thing is that not everyone can track buses using the Vidya Vahan app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. GPS tracking of buses will be under the control of each school.

 Only people who log into Apple with school-registered numbers will be able to track the buses. Therefore, no one but the parents can track the vehicle. As there will be regular buses for each student, only the GPS location tracking of those buses will be available to the parents of the children coming on the bus. In cases where there are multiple children on different buses, parents will need to purchase access to the GPS location of those buses from the school in order to track multiple buses. The fact that not everyone can track buses makes this app safe.

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How to use Vidya Vahan App

  • Download the app from Google Play Store
  • Log in to the app with your school-registered mobile number
  • Only school authorities can register on the Number app
  • The app also has the facility to register one number for multiple school buses
  • On entering the app, you will see information about the buses that have access to the registered number
  • Select the bus to track
  • You can see the route of the bus through the map itself
  • Through this, it is possible to know whether the vehicle is moving and where it is currently

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