Auto Driver From Bengaluru Risked His Life To Foil A Nirbhaya-Like Horror In The Garden City

Praise to this 32-year-old auto driver, Asgar Pasha, from Yeshwanthapura, for sparing a 19-year-old young lady from being group assaulted by three alcoholic men in the early hours of Friday.

In spite of the young lady being pulled by the charged at the bustling Yeshwanthapura railroad station intersection, Pasha did not remain a quiet onlooker like other bystanders.

Rather, he took a chance with his life in pursuing the charged. Realizing that he couldn’t overwhelm the denounced as he was separated from everyone else, he called three of his companions to help the casualty.

Pasha, alongside his three companions, looked for the charged and furthermore called the police control room asking for the police to act quick as the young lady was in a bad position.

“All the three charged are known to me. I am embarrassed to call them companions due to what they did. I was sitting in the auto and saw two of them beating the casualty’s cousin and the other pulling the young lady away. I knew I would be taking a chance with my life as I would be battling known people. Yet at the same time, I didn’t stay silent,” he said.

Of the three charged, 30-year-old Fayaz of BK Nagar is a serial guilty party and has a reputation of acts up with ladies travelers on his auto.

Pasha and his companions to the spot and began searching for the casualty and the blamed. Understanding that the casualty was under serious hazard from the charged, the gathering of companions scanned for them however without any result. Accordingly, Pasha additionally called the police control room and educated the constrain about the occurrence.

Following Pasha’s call to the control room, the police acted quickly and went to the spot in groups. They followed the young lady to the godown, which is 200 meters behind the railroad station.

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