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Varathan Box Office Collection Report, Review & Rating

Varathan Poster 2

Varathan (English: The Outsider) is an upcoming Indian Malayalam-language film directed by Amal Neerad and co-produced by Nazriya Nazim.

The film stars Fahadh Faasil and Aishwarya Lekshmi.Beside directing, Amal Neerad co-produced the film with Nazriya Nazim, which stars her husband Fahadh Faasil alongside Aishwarya Lekshmi. Neerad revealed the film’s title on 20 June 2018 by releasing the first poster. Varathan in Malayalam means “outsider” in English. Shot in Dubai and Wagamon, filming was completed by June 2018.

Varathan Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Varathan Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Varathan Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of VarathanAmal Neerad
Release date of Varathan20 September 2018
Hero of VarathanFahadh Faasil
Heroine of VarathanAishwarya Lekshmi
ProducerNazriya Nazim
MusicSushin Shyam
CinematographyLittil Swayamp
Running time2 hrs 11 mins
Script Suhas and Sharfu
Production CompanyFahadh Faasil and Friends
Amal Neerad Productions
Latest News about VarathanLatest News

Varathan Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection

Varathan Box OfficeDaysNo of ShowsOccupancyCollectionGross
Ernakulam Single Screen
12090.15 %7.22 Lakhs 7.22 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex12195.52 %
6.06 Lakhs6.06 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex22398.71 %8.48 Lakh14.54 Lakh
Ernakulam Single Screen
219 94.95 % 7.15 Lakh 14.38 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex32498.25 %8.79 Lakh 23.33 Lakh
Ernakulam Single Screen
32199.20 %7.81 Lakh22.20 Lakh
Ernakulam Single Screen
42499.11 % 8.35 Lakh30.56 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex42598.70 %9.09 Lakh32.42 Lakh
Ernakulam Single Screen
52176.26 % 6.63 Lakh37.19 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex52787.99 %7.62 Lakh40.04 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex62782.11 %6.58 Lakh46.63 Lakh
Ernakulam Single Screen
624 75.24 %6.99 Lakh44.19 Lakh
Ernakulam Single Screen
72365.44 %6.05 Lakh50.24 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex82868.24 % 6.51 Lakh59.87 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex 92568.14 %6.49 Lakh66.36 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex102687.26 %8.59 Lakh75.12 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex112895.11 %9.83 Lakh84.95 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex 122768.35 % 6.30 Lakh91.26 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex1327 90.79 %
8.34 Lakh
99.60 Lakh
Cochin Multiplex142739.04 %
3.69 Lakh
1.03 Cr
Cochin Multiplex1527 36.25 %3.35 Lakh1.06 Cr
Cochin Multiplex162040.55 %3.48 Lakh1.10 Cr
Cochin Multiplex 172068.41 %5.77 Lakh1.15 Cr
Cochin Multiplex 182184.62 %7.17 Lakh1.23 Cr
Cochin Multiplex 1920 28.23 %2.09 Lakh1.25 Cr
Cochin Multiplex23663.23 % 1.38 Lakh1.31 Cr
Cochin Multiplex24787.36 %2 L 1.33 Cr
Cochin Multiplex266 42.31 %0.83 L1.36 Cr
Cochin Multiplex27656.60 %1.08 L1.37 Cr
Cochin Multiplex28587.62 %1.46 L 1.38 Cr
Cochin Multiplex304100 %1.33 L 1.40 Cr
Cochin Multiplex31589.87 %1.48 L1.42 Cr
Cochin Multiplex32481.16 %1.09 L1.43 Cr

Varathan Movie Review

Review: Fahadh Faasil’s made a habit of making his fans wait for his films. It’s been almost nine months since his last release Carbon. One thing that fans can be assured of though is that he never repeats himself and for Varathan as well the actor has taken on a completely new avatar for his character that goes through varying emotions, but with a stoic calm in the first half only to unleash a storm later.

The movies starts off in Dubai with Abin (Fahadh), who is let go from his job. He alone with wife Priya (Aishwarya) who has a miscarriage decides to shift to the latter’s estate in Kerala for a few months till they figure things out.

Varathan Official Trailer

Source: Amal Neerad

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