Njan Marykutty Box Office Collection Report, Review & Rating

njan marykutty box office collection
njan marykutty box office collection

In Njan MaryKuttyMarykutty, (played by Jayasurya) a female finds herself in a dilemma of being trapped inside the body of a male. She has a dream of her own and in her endeavour to realise the dream, she finds support in Manoj Vaidyan (played by Suraj Venjaramoodu), Radio Achan (played by Innocent) and Kunjippalu (played by Joju Mala). The film is a light-hearted social comedy that looks at the world with a different eye.

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Njan Marykutty Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Njan Marykutty Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of Njan MarykuttyRanjith Sankar
Release date of Njan Marykutty15 June 2018
Hero of Njan MarykuttyJayasurya
Heroine of Njan MarykuttyJewel Mary,
Jins Baskar
ProducerRanjith Sankar
MusicAnand Madhusoodhanan
CinematographyVishnu Narayan
Running time126 minutes
ScriptRanjith Sankar
Production CompanyDreams and Beyond
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Njan Marykutty Box Office Collection

Kerala BoxofficeCollectionGross
First Day Collection 1.35 Crore
1.35 Crore
2nd Day Collection
7 Days Collection
15th Day Collection
Worldwide Collection report
Cochin Multiplex BoxofficeCollectionGross
First Day Collection 6.04 Lakhs6.04 Lakhs
2nd Day Collection4.68 Lakhs 10.75 Lakhs
5 Days Collection 2.54 Lakhs 20.93 Lakhs
6 Days Collection1.91 Lakhs 22.85 Lakhs
7 Days Collection2.02 Lakhs 24.87 Lakhs
8 Days Collection3.21 Lakhs 28.08 Lakhs
9 Days Collection3.84 Lakhs 31.55 Lakhs
10 Days Collection4.51 Lakhs36.06 Lakhs
11 th Day Collection1.55 Lakhs 37.06 Lakhs
12 th Day Collection1.31 Lakhs 40.50 Lakhs
14 th Day Collection1.20 Lakhs41.70 Lakhs
16 th Day Collection2.32 Lakhs45.87 Lakhs
17th Day Collection3.24 Lakhs
49.11 Lakhs
18 th Day Collection1.05 Lakhs 50.17 Lakhs
20 th Day Collection1.25 Lakhs 52.53 Lakhs
21th Day Collection1.09 Lakhs53.63 Lakhs
22th Day Collection0.67 Lakh54.31 Lakhs
23th Day Collection1.50 Lakhs55.81 Lakhs
24th Day Collection1.64 Lakhs
57.46 Lakhs
26th Day Collection0.89 Lakh59.02 Lakhs
27th Day Collection0.76 Lakh 59.78 Lakhs
28th Day Collection 0.73 Lakh
60.51 Lakhs
30th Day Collection0.94 Lakh 62.07 Lakhs
31th Day Collection0.78 Lakh 62.85 Lakhs
33th Day Collection0.26 Lakh63.52 Lakhs
34 th Day Collection0.25 Lakh 63.77 Lakhs
35th Day Collection0.29 Lakh64.06 Lakhs
36th Day Collection 0.23 Lakh
64.30 Lakhs
37th Day Collection 0.34 Lakh64.65 Lakhs
38th Day Collection 0.33 Lakh64.98 Lakhs
Worldwide Collection report

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