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Neerali Box Office Collection Report, Review & Rating

Neerali boxoffice collection report

Neerali is an upcoming Indian Malayalam-language thriller drama film directed and co-edited by Ajoy Varma from a screenplay by Saju Thomas, with Mohanlal in the lead role. The film was produced and distributed by Moonshot Entertainments. It began principal photography on 9 January 2018 in Mumbai and was completed in February. The film is scheduled to be released on 13 July 2018.

Neerali Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details

Neerali Movie Cast and Crew details ,News, Complete Details
Director of NeeraliAjoy Varma
Release date of Neerali13 July 2018
Hero of NeeraliMohanlal
Heroine of NeeraliParvathy Nair
ProducerSanthosh T. Kuruvilla
John Thomas
Mibu Jose Nettikadan
MusicStephen Devassy
Ronnie Raphael (score)
CinematographySantosh Thundiyi
Running time140 min
ScriptSaju Thomas
Production CompanyMoonshot Entertainments
Latest News about NeeraliLatest News

Neerali Malayalam Movie Box Office Collection

Box Office of NeeraliDaysNo of ShowsOccupancyCollectionGross
All Kerala Carnival Cinemas Update ( Except Thalayolaparambu )169 67.43% 11.41 Lakhs 11.41 Lakhs
Bangalore Tracked Collection1306.46 Lakhs 6.46 Lakhs
Trivandrum Ariesplex1496.95 %
1.66 Lakhs1.66 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex12470.90 %6.45 Lakhs6.45 Lakhs
All Kerala Carnival Cinemas Update ( Except Thalayolaparambu )25559.33 %7.73 Lakhs20.80 Lakhs
Trivandrum Ariesplex2492.01 % 0.88 Lakhs2.54 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex22070.60 %
4.74 Lakhs11.32 Lakhs
Bangalore Tracked Collection23144 % 7.70 Lakhs 14.16 Lakhs
All Kerala Carnival Cinemas Update ( Except Thalayolaparambu ) 35334.37 %5.11 Lakhs
25.92 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex319 53.12 %3.56 Lakhs
14.89 Lakhs
Trivandrum Ariesplex Update34 72.78 %0.70 Lakhs3.25 Lakhs
Bangalore Tracked Collection331 21.85 %3.52 Lakhs 17.68 Lakhs
Trivandrum Ariesplex Update4430.47 %0.30 Lakhs3.55 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex41825.64 %1.50 Lakhs16.39 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex51717.42 %1 Lakh
17.39 Lakhs
Trivandrum Ariesplex Update5430.18 %
0.29 Lakhs
3.85 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex61615.86 %0.91 Lakh18.31 Lakhs
Trivandrum Ariesplex Update6420.12 % 0.20 Lakh
4.05 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex717 12.19 %0.69 Lakh19 Lakhs
Trivandrum Ariesplex Update7418.64 %0.17 Lakh4.22 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex81018.91 % 0.61 Lakh19.62 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex91133.74 %1.11 Lakh21.85 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex101133.74 %1.11 Lakh21.85 Lakhs
Cochin Multiplex12813.98 % 0.25 Lakh22.25 Lakhs

Neerali Malayalam Movie Review 

Neerali Story: As Sunny George tries to balance the vehicle that is hanging on a steep cliff making sure not to move forward even an inch for hours, one gets reminded of Lao Tzu’s popular saying, “ life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.”

Bollywood director Ajoy Varma’s debutant Malayalam movie is a cliffhanger that glues the audience to the screen for two hours thirty minutes. The maverick actor Mohanlal showcases an impeccable one-man show where one finds the complete actor returning.

Sunny George (Mohanlal) is a gemologist placed in Bangalore. He is smart, intelligent and handsome. Women love him and he loves that. A kind of a playboy, he flirts with every pretty woman around. His close friend Naina (Parvathy Nair) is fascinated by his charm and is kind of obsessed with him. She is clinging on to him like an octopus.

On the other side, there is Mollykutty (Nadiya Moidu), wife of Sunny who is out for delivery and is insisting to meet him before entering the delivery room. Sunny sets out to meet her via the road along with his company’s driver Veerappan(Suraj Venjaramoodu) in a mini truck. As they travel to Kozhikode through the deep dark Tholpetty jungle, they suddenly meet with an accident.

The vehicle is now dangling on a cliff holding itself on to an uprooted tree. A minor move forward can take the lives of both Veerappan and Sunny. Though Sunny is the son of a daredevil farmer, he is scared of heights and also who doesn’t like to come out of his comfortable life. Veerappan is jammed between the steering and the seat and half of his body are outside the vehicle facing the cliff. He is helpless. Only Sunny can do something to save their lives. His phone has no outgoing and he cannot ask for external help.

Nightmares come in the form of the poisonous snake and wild elephant. There is a monkey who plays a prominent role in the film with whom Sunny manages to strike a conversation. Mollykutty keeps calling Sunny from the hospital, but Sunny has been strictly asked from her Doctor not to give her any stress. Sunny is stuck with completely injured Veerappan on the cliff.

Along with Sunny, even the viewers are on tenterhooks. Sunny cries, contemplates and is often panicked, so are the audience.

The engaging tale is full of suspense. Beautiful visuals by Santhosh Thundyil and thumping music by Stephan Devassy have made the film more thrilling. Scribe Saju Thomas has gone philosophical while Sunny travels through the moments between life and death. It comes in the form of a sermon from a church down the hill and also as Sunny’s conversation with the little monkey witnessing all his struggles. He calls it his ancestor. He also speaks about the reality of life and how death saves one from the unending fight for survival. The intelligently crafted non-linear narration happening in the film that tells his life so far and Veerappan’s saves the film from lag.

By bringing together all the elements that is needed for a movie – cast, cinematography, music and perfect cuts, director Ajoy Varma establishes his space in Mollywood. However, was it relevant for the Movie to bring back the Nokkatha Doorathu Kannumnattu pair Mohanlal and Nadiya is still a question? Nadiya doesn’t look like the 35-year-old Mollykutty at all.

A youthful Mohanlal is there in almost every frame of the movie. The ‘born actor’ showcases a fabulous show in every scene of the film which persuades even the audience to travel along with him. It is definitely a refreshment for his fans and also Malayali movie buffs who still have the actor’s movies in the 90’s in their favorite films’ list.

On the whole, Neerali is a survival drama that Mollywood has not seen so far. It gives you an adrenaline rush that no other Malayalam movie has given you so far.

Neerali Movie Official Trailer

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