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Kaitholachathan Malayalam Movie Summary: A village is haunted by Iruttu Gulikan, a legendary character believed to make hurt individuals and obliterate their tranquility. A gathering of companions at that point set out on a mission to locate his most outstanding foe Kaitholachathan.It encapsulates the journey of Prakashan through vivifarious mysterious elements and his encounters with Kaitholachathan and Iruttu Gulikan.

Kaitholachathan Cast, Crew & Complete Details

Kaitholachathan Malayalam Movie Cast

Kaitholachathan Malayalam MovieCast, Crew And Complete Details
Director of KaitholachathanSumeesh Ramakrishnan
Release date of Kaitholachathan25 May 2018
Actors of KaitholachathanKalabhavan Shajon, Levin Simon Joseph, Mamukkoya, Jayan Cherthala, Sumeesh Ramakrishnan, Bindu Panicker, Devi Ajith, Kiran Raj
ProducerSashidharan Chirayath
MusicJibu Sivanandan, Sanoj Pavaratty
CinematographyReju R Ambady
Running time2h 8min
ScriptSumeesh Ramakrishnan
Production Company
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Kaitholachathan Official Box Office

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Kaitholachathan Movie Review

Sumeesh Ramakrishnan’s Kaitholachathan, however basically a comic drama flick sprinkled with components of superstition, requital and sentiment, doesn’t precisely fit into any of the famous kinds. For absence of a superior class able to section the motion picture, one can include another classification – misogyny.

The motion picture uncovers as they describe how Iruttu Gulikan captures a town and clarify how the villagers’ brains are always tormented by the steady dread. No one sets out to leave their homes around evening time or be separated from everyone else when Iruttu Gulikan arrives. The cosmetics of the character is amateurish to the point that it would help one to remember the plays amid their school days. So are a couple of different characters in the film.

The story advances when a gathering of companions including Mammukoya, Levin Simon, Jayan Cherthala and a vagrant worker, choose to handle the Iruttu Gulikan. A great deal of characters stroll in and out, for example, Kalabhavan Shajon, Thesnikhan, Bindu Panicker amid their mission. Also, the group gets a Chathan named Kaitholachathan who is equipped for taking care of Iruttu Gulikan. The gathering of people are not given any answers about how or when it happened, and are nourished the reason, “kathayil chodyamila”.

With a shallow and careless content and foundation score that sounds like mainstream Bollywood tunes of the 90s, sexist comments and two sided saying discoursed, the film neglects to bode well to Malayalis who brag of their scholarly predominance.

Ladies are dealt with like sex objects; there is no refinement between mother, sister or little girl. Everyone is generalized and is drawn closer with sexual allusions. The executive while scripting has incorporated a wide range of characters in the film – including a womanly sibling and a vagrant worker. Yet, they all have been dealt with as generalizations, belittling them in each conceivable way.

While Mollywood has numerous great Kuttichathan motion pictures, for example, My Dear Kuttichathan and Sakshal Sreeman Chathunni, this seems to be a film made with no exploration or a motion picture with goodies from the previous movies.

The goal of the motion picture loses all sense of direction in all these. Notwithstanding, the disclosure is that sure areas of Kerala are as yet living with biases and man centric attitudes. The vitality of the group and two and half hours of the watchers go futile.

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