Reasons behind birthday rituals

For what reason do we cut cake and blow candles at birthday celebrations? All birthday functions have a typical custom of blowing candles and cutting…


For what reason do we cut cake and blow candles at birthday celebrations?

All birthday functions have a typical custom of blowing candles and cutting a cake. No birthday is finished without a birthday cake and this custom is one thing that is normal across the globe. Individuals, all things considered, and identities follow pretty much similar examples of smothering candles, cutting the cake and singing the glad birthday tune. Be that as it may, do you know how this custom began?

The tradition of cutting the cake

Cake Cutting
Cake Cutting

As per legends, in the Roman culture, cakes were served to visitors during unique events like weddings. At first, these cakes were made in level round shapes with fixings like flour, nectar, and nuts.

During the fifteenth century AD, the German bread shops presented single-layered cakes for birthday festivities on the lookout. This exiled the legend that a cake must be sliced at weddings. And brought the practice of cutting a cake on birthday celebrations.

Cakes went through a lot of changes and advanced cakes were just presented later in the seventeenth century. These cakes were covered with cream, enlivened with wonderful icing, and were likewise accessible in various shapes. Later in the center of the nineteenth century, even the Western European Countries began cutting cakes on birthday celebrations.

The story behind extinguishing candles

Candles on cake
Candles on cake

There are various antiquated speculations that clarify the beginning of blowing candles at birthday events. The first is the Greek hypothesis, which says that the custom of blowing candles on birthday celebrations is associated with the antiquated act of lighting the candles to venerate the introduction of the Goddess Artemis.

As per another hypothesis, the custom of blowing candles began in Switzerland in the year 1881. The Swiss middles class followed various notions back in the day. The number of candles on the cake compared to the age of the individual. The birthday kid/young lady was then approached to victory each light individually.

Another hypothesis comes from the Pagans who said that the birthday candles had a representative force. It was put stock in before times that awful spirits visit individuals on their birthday celebrations and to ensure the birthday individual, candles were lit. He/she was encircled by the loved ones and hence, was safeguarded from the shrewd spirits.

The happy birthday tune

Happy Birthday Song
Happy Birthday Song

One more significant custom of cake cutting is singing the popular ‘Happy Birthday’ tune with it. The custom of singing this tune to the birthday kid/young lady initially began in the English-talking nations. Before long, the melody got so famous that it got converted into in excess of 18 dialects, with a similar exemplary tone.

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