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How to make crispy onion dumplings in the rainy season!

How to make crispy onion dumplings in the rainy season!

Monsoon Snacks Indian Recipes: In the light of the monsoon, you have a plate full of crispy onion dumplings with hot masala tea in your hands, so that anyone’s mouth is watery. Onion dumplings are liked and made in almost every Indian household. It is popular street food, which is often made at home for guests who come suddenly or enjoy the monsoon. But many times people complain that their dumplings do not become crispy, so what is the delay in telling you how to make crispy onion dumplings in market style.

Crispy Onion Dumplings

Crispy Onion Dumplings

Ingredients for onion
pakoras  2
onions – 8  bowl – gram flour –
1½ tsp – red chili powder –
1 tablespoon – rice flour –
4 cups – green coriander –
7 tsp – asafoetida – as per the
salt-  ½ cup-water-
2 tablespoon – for frying oil

Method of preparation of onion fritters

To make onion pakoras, first, take two onions and cut the top and bottom of them. Now peel the onion and cut the top hard part of it. Now cut the onion in half and cut it into thin and long pieces.

Crispy Onion Dumpling

Crispy Onion Dumpling

Now take the chopped onion in a bowl and take out its layers. In the same bowl, now take gram flour and add red chili powder, rice flour, hing, salt, and chopped coriander and mix everything well. Now add a little water to the bowl and make a thick batter.

Now heat oil in a pan. Mix two spoons of hot oil in this gram flour solution and mix it well. When the oil is hot, with the help of your hands, make pakoras one by one and put them in the oil. After frying the pakoras on a medium flame for 2 minutes, turn them over. Fry the fritters until it turns golden brown on both sides. Remove the pakoras from the oil and serve it hot.

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