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Covid-19: If you want to survive from Corona, then do some important changes in life

Covid-19 If you want to survive from Corona, then do some important changes in life

Right now everyone asks the same question… when will this corona crisis end? Does everyone want to know that when will we all return to our old lives again? Right now the answer is that we should get used to living with the corona. That is, the way to live life before Corona will change. Whether it is about jobs or getting married, traveling, or meeting someone, all ways will change.

Coronavirus Symptoms 2

Coronavirus Symptoms 2

Actually, everything has changed in the world due to Corona, now things are not like before. The outbreak of the Coronavirus and its resulting lockdown has changed everything in the world. Now new rules and guidelines have been issued to do everything.

Obviously, the Coronavirus vaccine is not yet made, so this Coronavirus will continue to roam with humans. That is, we will have a new type of normal life with Corona with many precautions, which is being called New Normal. The world is slowly moving towards a new kind of life.

However, governments and scientists around the world hope to soon find a vaccine for the coronavirus. But on the other hand, they are also saying that we have to learn to live with Corona. After all, let’s look at how and how we will live with Corona, and how our new life will be.

How did China overcome the corona virus What is the secret hidden in the liquorice

How did China overcome the corona virus What is the secret hidden in the liquorice

The habit of
hello, or handshake is now gone. Now people have started doing ‘Namaste’ in the Corona era. You can greet anyone by making a ‘two yards’. This will neither infect you nor pose any risk to you. It is possible that the appropriate distance with Namaste will now be adopted in New Normal.

generally, in crowded markets it will be necessary to follow social distancing now. Whether a shopkeeper or a customer, everyone must wear a mask Your hands have to be sanitized. Apart from this, you will also have to queue up following social distancing to wait for your turn. You also have to bring your bag with you so that you get in touch at least.

Encourage cashlessly
If our life progresses towards new normal, then believe the majority of purchases or payments will be cashless, that is, digital payment and then people will avoid going to the bank and using cash, because of the risk of getting infected again and again. shall remain. It has been observed that the trend of digital payments during lockdown has increased.

Corona spreads from lungs to nose quickly

Corona spreads from lungs to nose quickly

Changes in
traffic: We have started seeing many changes in the way of traffic. Recently the Government of India has released a new guideline for air transport. For example, it is necessary to install the Arogya Setu App on mobile. Performing social distancing, wearing masks, and thermal screening. Many more such rules have been enacted which will also be adopted for roadways, metro and railways.

Home-to-office work was
formerly a work-from-home work, ie a facility for people, but it has become a necessity in the Corona era. The culture of working from home to office has now become the new normal. Companies will make their employees work from home as much as possible. 

Travel in
Metro’s journey will not be the same as before. For example, where the crowded crowd used to be seen at the Rajiv Chowk metro station, it may not be visible anymore. Now before entering the metro station, you have to get your temperature checked, and in the metro also one seat has to be left empty. Oh yes, you will not be able to enter the metro without a mask.

Changes in
Weddings where people used to gather crowds and people used to have fun, it may not be seen now. Apart from this, at the wedding, Panditji will now be seen making some new promises to the bride and groom. Before the Mangalasutra, we will also be asked to wear masks, social distancing, and sanitization at weddings. That is, there will be a lot of change in the manner of weddings in New Normal.

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