List Of Countries With Internet Speeds! Check Out India’s Disappointing Rank!

Web is something that we just can’t survive without. In a few nations, the speed of portable web is too quick, yet in a few nations, it is much too moderate.

All things considered, the Global Index Survey by Speedtest is out with its most recent review and it demonstrates how a few nations are refreshed with portable and broadband web speeds, while some of them are a long ways behind.

In this review, around 122 nations were broke down for versatile web speeds and 133 nations were dissected for settled broadband velocities; positions were chosen by different variables.

Which nation bested the rundown?

Need to know which nation bested the rundown as far as portable web? All things considered, it’s Norway, which has a download speed of 52.95 Mbps. Then again, Singapore has topped the rundown as far as Broadband speed; its download speed is 154.38 Mbps.

India’s position as far as versatile web speed!

India’s position is extremely baffling. In the rundown of versatile web speed, India remains at the 112th position, with a download speed of only 8.18 Mbps speed, wouldn’t it be able to be better? China is driving India by a gigantic edge. It’s on the fifteenth place and has a versatile web download speed of 34.52 Mbps. Then again, Pakistan is additionally in front of India with a rank of 98 speed of 10.76 Mbps.

India’s position as far as settled broadband speed!

In this rundown, the position of India is enhanced; it remains at the 74th rank and has a speed of 16.26 Mbps. China indeed drives India here; its rank is 22 and has a speed of 53.29 Mbps. Here, Pakistan is behind India; it remains at the 124th position and has a broadband speed of only 5.57 Mbps.

Here’s the rundown of best 10 nations with the quickest portable web speed.

Here’s the rundown of nations with the quickest broadband speed!

Here’s the rundown of 10 nations with the slowest versatile web speed.

Here’s the rundown of nations with slowest broadband speed!

Wouldn’t you say India’s positioning needs to enhance no doubt?