Alexa plays ‘Dum Diga, Mausam Bheega’ on Small boy requests, Watch video


The feature of the video is the way pleasantly the kid requests that Alexa play the song.

Recordings of children frequently get the extravagant of a few netizens, as they are packed with honesty, appeal, and fun. A new consideration to the rundown of such recordings includes a little angel requesting that Alexa play an evergreen Bollywood tune ‘Dum Diga, Mausam Bheega’. The video was shared on the Instagram page ‘tintinkabacha’.

The feature of the video is how pleasantly the kid requests that Alexa play the tune. There’s plausible you will play the clasp again and again. You may likewise feel enticed to impart this charming clasp to other people.

“He just doesn’t give the command to Alexa but listens to it as well!! And then responds too!” peruses the inscription shared close by the video.

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The video opens to show the kid remaining on a couch. He then adorably requests that Alexa play the Bollywood melody ‘Dum Diga, Mausam Bheega’. When Alexa plays the song, the kid’s face illuminates. Chances are, the innocent joy all over will make your day. The kid later requests that Alexa play another tune. Nonetheless, Alexa lets him know it doesn’t think concerning that melody. It then, at that point, inquires as to whether he might want to get familiar with another ability. To that, the kid answers No’. Isn’t this adorable?

The clasp was shared four days prior. From that point forward, it has accumulated more than 6,800 likes. The share has also received several reactions from netizens. “Kabir’s recordings have turned into my everyday portion of satisfaction. Much love to this lovable youngster,” thought of one Instagram client. “Lovely Baby,” remarked another. “God Bless,” posted a third.

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