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10 Huge Showoff Fails! (Cars and Bikes)

10 Huge Showoff Fails! (Cars and Bikes)

Any true racing enthusiast (who actually has mechanical experience) respects each make / model for what it is. Typically, the people who like one brand and are opposed to the other do not know anything about cars and only have that preference because they own that type of car. I have had several Ford cars/trucks and Chevy car/trucks. Please tell me what it is about Chevy that has caused you to dislike it. If you prefer Ford and dislike Chevy then you must see Chevy as inferior so please impart some knowledge as to why that is the case and please don’t pick a single issue with a single model. We are talking about Chevy as a manufacturer in general. I would have no problem trading my 2010 F-250 for a comparable Silverado and as for the Mustang, most people would pick a Corvette over a Mustang that is comparable in value / performance. I am not trying to be rude, just trying to point out how ridiculous that mentality is.


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