Manipur’s Bodybuilder Pradipkumar Is An HIV+Man.! He Reveals How He Stayed Alive This Long..

India has created numerous capable jocks throughout the years who have won a few shrubs for their State and the nation all in all. One such individual is Khundrapkam Pradipkumar, who was regarded with the title of Mr. Manipur a couple of years prior.

In any case, would could it be that makes Pradipkumar uncommon from whatever remains of the muscle heads? For one thing, Pradip has been engaging against HIV infection for more than 17 years now. Furthermore, shockingly, Pradip ventured out into the universe of weight training after he was identified positive. Here’s a gander at Pradipkumar’s helpful story…

The Manipuri bodybuilder was recently in Delhi to promote his new book that documents his career and his battle against HIV.

“I wanted to prove that HIV is not the end of the world. I have proved it (HIV) wrong. I want to tell the world that HIV is not a disease and you can stay away from it by taking necessary precautions. I’m with this virus for more than 10 years, but I’m fully fit and without any illness,” stated Pradipkumar during an interview.

Pradip was first identified with HIV at the negligible age of 20. Having been a medication someone who is addicted since the age of 13, Pradip gotten the illness in the wake of utilizing a tainted syringe. In any case, after Pradip learnt of his circumstance, he chose to fight it as opposed to abandoning life.

Disregarding his specialists exhort totally, Pradip selected in a rec center and chose to keep himself fit, no matter what.

Also, turns out, a sound eating regimen and lifting weights way of life beyond any doubt worked ponders for him as Pradip appears to be fitter than any time in recent memory even following 17 years of being contaminated with the infection.

Pradip, today, remains as a symbol for each individual engaging the infection to never surrender trust. Furthermore, his new book gives all the important data and inspiration to survive and live upbeat regardless of the condition.

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