A Samsung Galaxy S5 Drops From Plane While Shooting A Video And It Shockingly Survives The Fall!

Much the same as you don’t play football without kicking or getting kicked, you don’t utilize a telephone without in any event dropping it once. It’s one of the principles of the universe.

fellow drops telephone

Oh no!

Yet, where a large portion of us drop our telephones in the can, off the supper table, or while expelling it from our pocket, one person truly dropped it from a plane up in the sky.

No, we are not by any means joking. This really happened – in any event as indicated by Reddit.

A little more than a day back, a Reddit client posted a fascinating video on the prominent site under the title “My Uncle was recording another plane while flying and unintentionally dropped it!”

In the video, you can see the telephone’s perspective video as it slips from the pilot’s hands and goes into a spiral and grounds in a clueless person’s garden, in the midst of the flowerbed.

What’s staggering about this video – which is the thing that many people are not yet persuaded about – is that the telephone tumbles from over a thousand feet high and doesn’t break separated, falls all over and keeps on recording video, getting a person who eventually finds the telephone on his property.

The way that it’s a Samsung Galaxy S5 makes the video considerably more dreamlike. What are the chances of this occurrence, isn’t that so? Brb, computing…